About Us

Enlace is a nonprofit organization, working to achieve a wholesome school education that integrates teachers and parents as key players in students' development.



To help Guatemala in its efforts to thrive as a country, generating an exponential change in society, by promoting family values through a wholesome education.                                                




To stimulate human and professional growth of educators who have exponential influence in society, strengthening it through actions and programs.



Enlace A.C. took off in 2005 in the hopes of contributing to the development of the country and transforming through education the lives of the most vulnerable Guatemalans.

During these 14 years, we have worked on fourteen of the twenty-two departments in the country. We have given professional tools to teachers who are, themselves, sharing the tools and education with the parents in their community.

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In 2012, the Catholic University of America - CUA - in Washington, D.C. conducted an econometric study on the impact of the programs that Enlace has taught in the communities of Villa Nueva and concluded that the knowledge acquired by the teachers had an effect on their attitude.

This change also directly benefited family relationships, security and wellbeing both at school and at home. Academics and continuity of students at school also were improved. Members of the community are growing as proactive people who look for the wellbeing of the families in their communities.

Enlace, A.C. is a nonprofit organization. Our entire operation is fueled by the donations and gifts from people and businesses that, like us, firmly believe that Guatemala's progress is achieved through a decent and effective education.